Sorry for the lack of update in all my blogs. I am busy with freelance projects – well, partly working with freelance web design projects as well as learning new technologies that would make me improve my craft.

Perhaps that above paragraph is something that you often hear from bloggers. Several times I had given notice that I am unable to give updates. And because I get tired from all the learning I had to do all day, I often find myself at a loss to what to post on this blog.

Moments away from the computer always give me ideas for a blog post, but I am at a loss when I am in front of the computer as it is now. The classic advice of keeping a notepad beside me does not work. I end up taking mental notes which I would forget later.

I guess I still need to adjust myself to this changing work schedule that I had. I am not asking for tips, but I am grateful to all readers who had still been checking out any updates from this single parent blog.

About Gem

Gem is a Baguio-based blogger, an electronics engineer by profession but enjoys working at home full time as both a freelance web designer and blogger.

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