Summer Camps: Kids Explore the World

June 24, 2009 • Posted by Gem • No Comments

One of the best ways to keep kids learning during vacation is by letting them attend summer camps. These Summer Camps are a terrific way for these kids to supplement what they had learned in school.

In there are a variety of summer camps that cater to the different interests. Does your child love nature? Wilderness camps may cater his interest. Does she dream of being an actress? Let her attend film camps. If your kid loves geeky stuff, those geeky computer camps may be the ones that will delight your kid.


I went through the and realized that this one is isolated to a specific location or country. This is indeed an international website that attempts to list down summer camps in several countries. The site does not only list down US-based ones which are dominantly featured on the front page – a careful search shows summer camps offered in Canada, Ireland and France. Although there are many countries listed on the website, not all countries were able to get their summer camps listed on the website.

I’ve taken the widget from the site and featured that below for your convenience – check out the events that are featured on those summer camps located near you.