Christmas Time in Baguio

Christmas songs are playing continuously on my computer from some online radio. The chilly weather here in my place is also noticeable. Some people have started lighting up their fireworks early 8PM.

Here in the Philippines, Christmas Eve in populated places usually keeps people awake. Usually people held parties with their families and even neighbors. There are usually singing in the karaoke, drinking sprees, lots of food served on the table and loud music.

Baguio’s celebration of Christmas is quite lonely if you don’t have visitors. People usually don’t go out – probably because it’s really cold and chilly outside the home – so it isn’t fiesta here. Many would opt to go down to lowlands since it’s more festive and warm. People who stayed here would often decide to sleep through the midnight due to the cold sleepy weather.

Around this time marks my second year of blogging. I don’t know the exact date when I started, and the internet wayback machine (a site that keeps records of old websites) turned out nothing. I distinctly remembered that I wrote my personal thoughts on the web anytime around the Christmas holidays.

I am thankful that my parents are in good health (except for my Dad’s blurry vision due to macular degeneration and a gout that he had managed using only Apple Cider vinegar to treat it), and I am able to even spend more time with my kid. I began to reconnect to old friends, which is actually a must for me since I don’t have much contact to the real world since the time I worked from home.

I’m beginning to have more time for my kid too. I began attending school affairs and I often found myself taking her out from school during dismissal. She’s now trying to view Santa’s journey throughout the world through the NORAD Santa Tracker which can be viewed here.

As for love, it’s still something that is still elusive and out of reach. I think less of that right now because my kid keeps me busy.

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Gem is a Baguio-based blogger, an electronics engineer by profession but enjoys working at home full time as both a freelance web designer and blogger.

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