2011 Resolutions – My List

Happy New Year!

It was not so long ago since I celebrated the 2010 New Year. It felt like 2010 just passed by. I didn’t realize that I had grown a year old, and so is my kid.

A few hours ago I was watching the fireworks at the terrace of our home with my family, and even my neighbors.

New Year 2011

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I could only think of four things that I resolve to do this year:

  1. lose weight. Oh well some of you know that this was my last year’s resolution. This time I’m going to really find ways on how to lose weight – even just a pound each month. This could mean following some diet and most importantly, spending time to exercise.
  2. double my earnings each month. I tried to double my income during the last quarter of last year. It worked but I had to work double time. I’m now trying to find other means to earn. I always believed in what may financial gurus say: “Work smarter, not harder”. Even with the double income I hope to work at lesser hours that I used to do. I’m not getting any younger too.
  3. travel out of Luzon. I hope to be able to do this at least once. It may be within the Visayas or Mindanao region or even out of the country. Although my father’s recovery is slow, he is getting okay now, and it’s time to hit the road again. I’m going to take my kid with me.
  4. monitor and follow up my resolutions during the year. This last one is critical. Like many people I tend to create a list at the start of the year, then stop at reaching these goals after just a few weeks. Other people admitted that they stopped doing resolutions because they aren’t successful with it. I think this one needs a lot of self-discipline.

Do you already have your list of New Year’s resolutions?

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