Why You Should Make a Bucket List

Hello again, it’s been a while again since my last post. You haven’t noticed, or did you?

This blog got hacked and housed some malware because I didn’t update this one. Even this writer got sick, and sick again and again, and is tired of getting sick and doesn’t want to get sick too often again.

I just added a new page on this blog. It’s my bucket list: things to do before I die. I have been thinking about doing one, and I finally did it today. I thought of updating that part just after fixing the “hacking problem” which had put this blog down for a while. I couldn’t think of any other good topic to start. It’s too late to write a year-end post or a list of New Year’s resolutions or 2012 goals anyway. I think a bucket list is more suitable.

Now back to the question, why did I make such a bucket list?

Catch a Falling Star

I’ve always seen such bucket lists done by many bloggers so this isn’t a new idea. I never saw its usefulness until one day, I realized that there isn’t much going on already in my life.

Making that bucket list helps me keep track of things that I want to achieve or experience sooner or later. I wouldn’t want to wait to be beyond 60 before I start living life. There are things that are best done at a younger age.

I think I prefer the idea of being outgoing and active at this age, and be more of a homebody when I’m older. I’m wasting life being a homebody at this point of time when I could always choose to be outgoing. I’m sure I’m going to regret this later.

In addition, being outgoing and making new friendships means a lot to any home-based worker like me. Being alone and working at home for long hours isn’t exactly healthy on the mind. Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are there, but these are not just enough.

I am absolutely single, dating nobody and I only have my kid to take care of. I think this makes things easier, since being in a relationship with somebody limits me to what I want to achieve as my personal goals. You always think of making goals with your partner, and almost all the time you have to give up a lot of things in your own bucket list.

Interested? Click here to see my bucket list.

Have you made your own bucket list? Let me know, or leave your links through the comments.

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