Can a Single Mom Find Love Again?

I’ve asked myself this question quite too often up to this day.

I haven’t found one for me. I have been single for years now. More than a decade really.

If you ask most people this question, they will say “yes” just to make you feel good.

If you ask me this question, my reply is a “maybe”.

Through all that more-than-one-decade-of-waiting, I got into one relationship after another, each one not lasting long enough to know each other.

Would “mutual understanding” relationships count?

Do my admirers prefer not to deal with the complication that accompany a single mom?

Of course, there are plenty of other single parents who found love so soon, and got married and lived happily ever after (I hope).

These formerly-single-parents encourage not-yet-taken single parents not to lose hope.

“Love will come at the right time and the right place”, as they say.

It’s been more than a decade already. I’ve looked left, right, up and down, front and back, and sideways, and there’s just no willing arms waiting for me.

I’m running out of single friends near my age to date or flirt with, my Facebook filled with newsfeeds of (seemingly) happy wedding pictures and growing families.

Even widowed would rather keep themselves busy with their brood of growing children than giving in to new love.

I guess, being alone for the rest of my life is a possibility.

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