15 Earth Day Activities for Kids

A few days to go and it’s World Earth Day!

Simply thinking of the words “Earth Day” makes me think of giving back to mother earth. This is just one day, celebrated every 22nd of April each year, where we are reminded to assess what is happening to our environment, and what we can do to preserve it.

Imagine if we aren’t celebrating this one special day. I think people would just go on their selfish desires and forget about the importance of nature. Our situation would be much like some enterprising billionaire taking off the old trees to pave way for a parking lot expansion.

The Earth day celebration doesn’t pick any age group. This is the best time to include our kids in this cause so that they are able to do the same when they grow up. Younger kids could get started with books! It’s a great way for them to jumpstart their awareness.


Of course do not forget to check out the local community for events that are related to Earth Day. I found two in my hometown, Baguio City. So far I found only two events that are posted online, but there are probably some other activities that are posted around town:

  1. An Earth Day run at Camp John Hay
  2. Earth Day exhibits at Saint Louis University

Aside from joining local events, you can just be creative and just plan out activities with your kid. Here are some earth day activities for kids:

  1. Create an artwork made up of recycled things: old crayons, old newspapers, unused plastics, anything that completes a recycled art.
  2. Write an earth day poem, song or even a short story.
  3. Plant a tree.
  4. Try to create terrariums.
  5. Do little dish gardens
  6. Challenge yourselves to mini-landscapes. Again use recycled materials if possible.
  7. If feasible, walk to and from the town proper.
  8. Visit nature parks
  9. Do nature walks.
  10. Take a short visit to the provinces.
  11. Have a picnic.
  12. Tend the garden.
  13. Take the kids to a zoo or a nature park.
  14. Go hiking.
  15. Travel, not as a tourist, but as a visitor who wants to experience the culture of the people – like trying local delicacies.
Have you finally settled on a list of activities to do for this special day?

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