How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

I was young. I was in love.

I have fallen in love several times. I give my all, but then for some reason the relationship simply fails. Then again, I get to that part of the relationship that I hate the most: saying goodbye and letting go.

Too many times, the devil in me says to stop crying, to stand up, to stay and fight, and to win back the love. So I wouldn’t have to deal in fighting out weeks and months of loneliness and depression.

Is he really worth the chase?

A few times, I did the evil thing: to win back the love. I did the first moves, chased after the guy, but to no avail.

I failed each time. All love that is lost is lost.

Fortunately, mine isn’t that bad. I’ve heard that story from a girl who loved this particular guy, gave her all. All was well until this guy started hitting her literally, which turned her black and blue, because this guy stopped loving her. This poor girl would stop chasing the mean guy… We all told to stop the chase.

We gave her this advice which is well true for anyone who wants their boyfriend back (and which is one of life’s lessons I’ve learned): Cry for the hurt, accept the loss then move on. In a relationship it always takes two to tango. Accept the failure of this relationship, there’s bigger chance that it won’t work out. Think more than ten times if you choose to chase after lost love and the guy clearly doesn’t want to be in the relationship anymore.

image by William Murphy


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