Parenting Tips for Parents with Tweens

Rolled up eyes. Endless pouts. Boy crushes. Body odor.

Hands over ears on reminders. “I know mama!”, she says.

My little darling who used to dress up right away whenever I go out in town, suddenly insists on staying at home!

In town, she doesn’t want to be seen walking with me side by side 90% of the time!

To her eyes, I seem to have gone from being the greatest mom in the world to the worst one! She used to listen to me and ask all about the world, but now she keeps on correcting my “mistakes”.

Looking for parenting tips for parents with tweens? It’s not that easy and there’s no hard and fast rule for it. But still, a good advice given is still worth a try.

My little baby has entered the tween years. Maybe, I should already stop calling her “baby”, because I’m sure I would definitely break my own bones if I try to carry her. In fact, she’s a few inches shy from my height and taller than some short adults. Other people would discreetly laugh at me for having to introduce her as a baby. Her physical appearance is so far from the cuddly little baby that I had been carrying more than a decade ago: she could be mistaken as a petite young lady!

Like most parents, I could just wish that kids wouldn’t have to grow up that fast! I have to accept the reality though. A kid’s childhood is just but a fleeting moment. We, parents, have a decade to enjoy our kids, and the next decade to accept the fact that they will assert their independence, develop her own personality and live away from us.

This doesn’t mean that our kids will stop loving us. As a daughter myself, I could very much relate to that fact.

Fortunately I still get those moments when I am reminded that my kid is still a kid. Good thing I still got that 10% of the time when she chooses to walk arm in arm along the sidewalks, especially when we are in crowded places. I still get those little kisses of joy whenever I help her out of a sticky situation. She’s still that helpful little girl that I could count on, minus those rolling eyes and endless pouts.

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