Turning a New Leaf

It’s been a while since I’ve updated all my blogs. I decided not to abandon these blogs – that is, I am still currently paying for the domain and the webhost. It’s a loss, really, as I don’t have any income from these blogs.

I’ve recently moved almost all my blogs from Justhost to A Small Orange. So far I am satisfied with the move ¬†and the support I got while I was moving all the blogs was awesome. The webhost support were quick to reply. They aren’t the cheapest webhost in town, but then, I realized that you’re paying more for a responsive customer support so that’s just okay for me.

So, Where to and What Now?

I have been thinking of changing the domain name of this blog. I think thesingleparenttalks.com is quite too hard to remember. I haven’t thought of any easier name yet. I won’t give up this particular domain yet, even if I have finally bought that new domain name.

I want to be writing more about single parenting. Offer advice, parental control solutions, practical tips, experiences, etc. You’d hear me write down random posts less. I’m moving into having more informative posts. I will try to avoid off-topic posts or random posts on this blog.

I plan to post only once a week on this blog. I am also considering having co-writers or guest writers on this blog.

Some old posts will be deleted, or redirected. I need to prune the old ones.

I have lots of backlog posts on other blogs.

I know, this particular blog needs a redesign. I have been always putting it off in favor of my freelance jobs and child-rearing that takes up almost 100% of my time.

Quick Updates

For those who used to read this blog, my kid has just entered junior high school this month. Last month, she wanted to learn how to play the flute. Unfortunately she didn’t make it to the Junior Band in her school because there were just too many who were able to enter during the summer (the biggest attraction is the scholarship).

my kid's flute

And yep, she has a crush; I’m glad that she had been open to me about it. Well, she had crushes for quite a while now.

I was able to lose some weight last year. I was able to lose the extra pounds from diet. However, my weight plateaued so I decided to take up running. I ran from December to April, and I stopped this May because of the rainy season. Despite being physically active, I still get the flu, fever, terrible headaches and sinusitis which I am experiencing at the onset of this season (those sicknesses had become a constant part of my life). I hope to be running again when rainy season is done.

Guys, and dating? I don’t get meet quite a lot of people personally as I am mostly confined at home. I simply “meet” and know people online.

I finally committed myself to using a planner. So far so good, I haven’t stopped updating the planner. In fact, it became an indispensable tool. I’m not sure if I want to consider using a digital planner next year, as it’s more convenient to look up things in a book planner and other people could look at it too. A digital planner would have saved me more money, but I tend discard stuff that I had written digitally, unlike a “paper” planner in which I can refer to if I have to look up or review something after a year or two.

My father is still confined at home – it’s been over than three years since he suffered stroke. We are really having a difficult time motivating him to “get out of the house”. He cannot do some things by himself.


About Gem

Gem is a Baguio-based blogger, an electronics engineer by profession but enjoys working at home full time as both a freelance web designer and blogger.

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