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Bucket List

For a while I wasn’t a fan of bucket lists. I see this in a lot blogs and personal journals but I never got to make one. I’d like to think that for some things, I’d rather wait for destiny to bring me to it.

I was wrong.

I realized that planning out life, whether it be for an entire lifetime or just minutes way, is just essential. There are just a lot of things that I want to do or experience and that destiny could not bring that to me.

That includes love.

Anyway, here’s my bucket list: Things to Do Before I Die

(this list will always grow as time goes by)

Mt. Pulag

  1. Climb Mt. Pulag.
  2. Lose weight at the right BMI.
  3. Buy my own car.
  4. Buy my own house.
  5. Be a financially successful blogger – earning at least $1,000 each month from all of my blogs using nothing of that sort of SEO black hat techniques.
  6. Do mountain biking.
  7. Attend at least one fun run.
  8. Play the guitar decently, at least good enough for any campfire songs or caroling gimmicks.
  9. Play the keyboard/piano decently, at least good enough for any listener to sing along to a whole song.
  10. Get my dad’s family car (that old Volkswagen Beetle) a total makeover (body lift, body repair, upholstery replacement and scrape-to-metal painting)
  11. Attain financial freedom. 100% of passive income should pay all my monthly expenses.
  12. Overcome my fear of owning expensive gadgets by buying my first expensive handheld gadget.
  13. Get to continuously update all my blogs without anything post missed on all my blogs: 1 blog post per week per blog done in 52 weeks (one year) at the minimum.
  14. Spend a vacation with relatives in the US.
  15. Travel at least one European country.
  16. Travel in Singapore and meet old officemates.
  17. Do shopping in Hongkong.
  18. Create a poetry blog.
  19. Write a song.

Why you should make a bucket list

awesome photo by Jojo Nicdao