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Long Weekend Again – Enjoy but Watch Out!

Baguio isn’t such a sweet safe haven anymore. Month ago, I lost my wallet to a pickpocket. I first realized that the wallet was missing after I had my bag checked by the guard at the main entrance of SM Baguio. I was with my kid. I usually zip my bag closed. But that day, the bag’s zipper was slightly open. The bag that I was using was a laptop bag that originally came along with the laptop purchase. After the guard checked, I also double checked to see if my wallet is still in place. I checked again… andRead the rest of this entry »

Lesson From the Homeless Man with the Golden Voice

This week I had been following the Ted Williams, the guy who was panhandling on the streets for almost a decade, to getting various job offers from big companies like Cleveland Cavaliers, NFL, MTV and MSNBC, up to tearfully meeting his mother. If you had not heard about him yet – his most valuable asset is his golden voice. Some local reporter from The Columbus Dispatch took a video of him. Who would really have though that behind the unkempt hair, crooked teeth and dirty clothing is a voice that is perfect for the radio?

2011 Resolutions – My List

Happy New Year! It was not so long ago since I celebrated the 2010 New Year. It felt like 2010 just passed by. I didn’t realize that I had grown a year old, and so is my kid. A few hours ago I was watching the fireworks at the terrace of our home with my family, and even my neighbors. I could only think of four things that I resolve to do this year:

Holiday Garden Party at US Ambassador’s Summer Home

What a lovely way to begin a comeback post – or at least I’m half forced to. I coerced myself to write a post because I had a commitment to myself – return to blogging ASAP. So here I am, sooner than expected (and thanks to Jay for that). Probably, this time my comeback post is a little unusual. It is about an event that I attended a week ago. I was a guest at Ambassador Harry K. Thomas’ Holiday Garden Party in his summer residence at the heart of Camp John Hay, Baguio City. As a mom who spendsRead the rest of this entry »

December 2009/New Year 2010 Google Pagerank Update

When I was still doing paid reviews, I used to be so conscious with my Google Pagerank (PR), so much to the point that I get to check my pagerank almost everyday. I’m still checking my PR only when I learned from other people that there’s a PR update but I don’t make such a big deal on this. I’m prefer ranking well using hot keyword posts than earning high PR. But PR still somehow matters, especially now that one of my blogs is indeed NOT performing well in Google. Another pagerank update happened before the year ends and peopleRead the rest of this entry »