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Philippines Flood

Typhoon Ondoy Emergency Hotlines and Relief Operations and “where to donate” links are listed at the bottom of this post – if you wish to skip my story. The flood that hit Metro Manila here in the Philippines deeply saddened me over these past few days. I had seen the pictures and the video footages. Although floods happen regularly in Manila during the rainy season, I had never seen a flash flood that worse where people on rooftops can just be seen on aerial view. Eastwood at the UERM hospital in Sta. Mesa – floating cars, trapped driver in oneRead the rest of this entry »

Happy Mothers Day Comments

Today, at least in my part of the world, everyone had been greeting each other Happy Mother’s Day! I noticed that children – young and old alike – are trying to find ways on how they can greet their mothers. I got a lot of happy mothers day comments and messages in my email inbox and in various social networking sites. Some of them went to the point of finding happy mothers day comments and graphics to post on testimonials or comments on my social network profiles. A lot of my friends and are living the life overseas but theyRead the rest of this entry »