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Found: A T-shirt with an Attitude

I found this among the funny t-shirts at a website that also offers inspirational posters and I think it’s sexy. It’s quite a rare find to me: most often I see T-shirts that are either made for both sexes, or just sound quite manly for a woman (for a woman in the engineering profession) to wear. I think this one fits well for any woman who is involved in engineering profession, don’t you think? I’m quite a fairly frugal person but sometimes when I encounter shirts with confidence quotes just like this it makes me want to have one. “EngineerRead the rest of this entry »

Unfounded fear

I knew it would happen eventually. It’s inevitable. It’s a fact of life. I am talking about my daughter having her ‘visitor.’ No, I am not talking about suitors. Those I can deal with, I have a nine-inch blade sharpened regularly for those eventualities, and I intend to hang the blade in clear view in the Sala if there are those types of visitors in the house. I am talking about the monthly regular ‘visitor.’ You know, the one where there is blood flowing out of the female body, from ‘you know where.’ The one they called…. can I writeRead the rest of this entry »