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A Kitten Found

Weeks ago, my father found something on our home’s terrace. I thought my dad was somehow suffering in pain, as he was shouting my name. When I reached him, I saw a seemingly dead animal beside him – perhaps a rat? It turned out to be an abandoned little kitten just a few days old. I carefully held that poor little thing with my hand to keep it warm.

How to Teach Kids About Money

A few years ago, I have opened up an ITF (in-trust-for) Fun Savers account at Metrobank for my kid. Like other parents that time, I thought that a kiddie bank account was nice to have and a pretty thoughtful cash allowance gift for my kid when she grows up and get to have her own bank account when she reaches her legal age. I went with that parental hype!

“Mama! There’s a Bird, in Our Room!”

One cold February night this year, while I was helping my kid study her lessons, we both heard loud flapping of wings. My kid looked around, got excited and suddenly shouted, “Mama! There’s a bird, in our room!” I turned around to look at my room. My father was faster; he sprang up to his feet to look for the bird. He carefully caught the little animal using a small red bucket, and then he covered bucket with a piece of cardboard.

Growing Up: Kids, Crushes and Infatuation

Perhaps spending some time together each week really helped! Actually I should have taken the hint last year that my kid had mentioned about a boy that she liked in class. I teased her a bit and asked about it, but she never admitted that she is interested. She doesn’t open up much and that behavior is something that I worry.