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Unfounded fear

I knew it would happen eventually. It’s inevitable. It’s a fact of life. I am talking about my daughter having her ‘visitor.’ No, I am not talking about suitors. Those I can deal with, I have a nine-inch blade sharpened regularly for those eventualities, and I intend to hang the blade in clear view in the Sala if there are those types of visitors in the house. I am talking about the monthly regular ‘visitor.’ You know, the one where there is blood flowing out of the female body, from ‘you know where.’ The one they called…. can I writeRead the rest of this entry »

New Years Resolution Worksheet Kids

I haven’t made up my own set of New Year’s resolution and plans yet. But these resolutions are not just for teens and adults but can also be for older kids. Older kids should also learn how to come up with their list written down on a New Year’s resolution worksheet and stick up to that plan until the end of the year. I’m off to encourage my kid to make at least one.

Christmas Time in Baguio

Christmas songs are playing continuously on my computer from some online radio. The chilly weather here in my place is also noticeable. Some people have started lighting up their fireworks early 8PM. Here in the Philippines, Christmas Eve in populated places usually keeps people awake. Usually people held parties with their families and even neighbors. There are usually singing in the karaoke, drinking sprees, lots of food served on the table and loud music. Baguio’s celebration of Christmas is quite lonely if you don’t have visitors. People usually don’t go out – probably because it’s really cold and chilly outsideRead the rest of this entry »

A Dad’s Open Letter to God for His Kid who Died During the Typhoon

Remember when I shared my thoughts over social networks that I felt deeply sad for a friend who lost his daughter on one of the landslides brought by Typhoon Pepeng? My friend changed his Facebook profile picture and I noticed, so I found myself visiting his profile on that in the hope that I could leave some words of comfort. However, I was surprised at the letter that accompanied the picture. My Dearest Yana, Do you have facebook in heaven? Maybe God plays Angelville that’s why you’re no longer with Dad. God harvested you because you have done so muchRead the rest of this entry »

Summer Camps: Kids Explore the World

One of the best ways to keep kids learning during vacation is by letting them attend summer camps. These Summer Camps are a terrific way for these kids to supplement what they had learned in school. In there are a variety of summer camps that cater to the different interests. Does your child love nature? Wilderness camps may cater his interest. Does she dream of being an actress? Let her attend film camps. If your kid loves geeky stuff, those geeky computer camps may be the ones that will delight your kid. I went through the and realizedRead the rest of this entry »