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Can a Single Mom Find Love Again?

I’ve asked myself this question quite too often up to this day. I haven’t found one for me. I have been single for years now. More than a decade really.

A Single Mom’s Advice

Sometimes I regret disclosing more personal things.. to the point that I get scary emails in my inbox every now and then. I somehow found time to download and check all the emails that have accumulated in my inbox for months. There are those usual spam emails that advertise their web and SEO services, products of the “flesh”, as well as those “harmful” emails that try to trick me into providing my Paypal username and password.

Unfounded fear

I knew it would happen eventually. It’s inevitable. It’s a fact of life. I am talking about my daughter having her ‘visitor.’ No, I am not talking about suitors. Those I can deal with, I have a nine-inch blade sharpened regularly for those eventualities, and I intend to hang the blade in clear view in the Sala if there are those types of visitors in the house. I am talking about the monthly regular ‘visitor.’ You know, the one where there is blood flowing out of the female body, from ‘you know where.’ The one they called…. can I writeRead the rest of this entry »