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Turning a New Leaf

It’s been a while since I’ve updated all my blogs. I decided not to abandon these blogs – that is, I am still currently paying for the domain and the webhost. It’s a loss, really, as I don’t have any income from these blogs. I’ve recently moved almost all my blogs from Justhost to A Small Orange. So far I am satisfied with the move ¬†and the support I got while I was moving all the blogs was awesome. The webhost support were quick to reply. They aren’t the cheapest webhost in town, but then, I realized that you’re payingRead the rest of this entry »

Why You Should Make a Bucket List

Hello again, it’s been a while again since my last post. You haven’t noticed, or did you? This blog got hacked and housed some malware because I didn’t update this one. Even this writer got sick, and sick again and again, and is tired of getting sick and doesn’t want to get sick too often again. I just added a new page on this blog. It’s my bucket list: things to do before I die. I have been thinking about doing one, and I finally did it today. I thought of updating that part just after fixing the “hacking problem”Read the rest of this entry »

A Single Mom’s Advice

Sometimes I regret disclosing more personal things.. to the point that I get scary emails in my inbox every now and then. I somehow found time to download and check all the emails that have accumulated in my inbox for months. There are those usual spam emails that advertise their web and SEO services, products of the “flesh”, as well as those “harmful” emails that try to trick me into providing my Paypal username and password.


This poor blog was sick with the malware thingy. All because I’ve haven’t taken a visit to this blog for quite a long time! If not for the malware that I found earlier (I’ve removed it and submitted to Google for reconsideration), most likely I would not be writing something today. It’ll just be another free time for me to take a quick visit and upgrade this WordPress core and plugins without writing anything.

De-stressing Myself at Bioessence

This is NOT a sponsored review: it’s just an honest review of my experience. I really wish I could have taken pictures of the place but I forgot to take my camera with me. Again I had no blog updates. I guess you all have been thinking that I got into that busy mode again – and you’re right once more. Last week was so stressful that I really pressured myself into working more than the full hours that was given to me. I really has pushed myself to the limit – taking less sleep, spending a lot of wakingRead the rest of this entry »