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How I Adapted a Frugal Lifestyle

Some people may have noticed my frugal attitude, or even quite my extreme frugal attitude at material things. True, I always try to keep an eye on opportunities such as Orbitz promotion codes to save more when purchasing online. Certainly, I think I had to blame my mom’s attitude on having this one. My mom is a huge saver, not much of a spender. She admits she had this attitude way back when she was young. As a young student she used to keep money inside her notebook pages. My mom’s family used to live in the slums of ManilaRead the rest of this entry »

Working at Home, Missed the Corporate World

I had worked on various companies – both government and private through the years before i discovered the joys of working at home. Working at home is probably the best job I had so far. I don’t have to worry about being late at work. I can decide to take leaves anytime. Most of all there is no boss to look over my shoulder on how I am doing. However, there are some things that I miss doing when I was still employed. I always got those various perks that came with my job – such as leaves, various bonusesRead the rest of this entry »

Desperately Wanting to Lose Weight

This week is a bit different from all the other weeks that I had. This time I became conscious of myself. This time I seriously, really want to lose weight. Losing my weight back to around 50 kilograms was one of the things that I promised myself to do at the start of the year. That was my weight after giving birth to my only kid. I really wished I could show a picture of me during that time, but unfortunately I wasn’t even earning enough that to even buy myself a decent camera. I now weigh a little overRead the rest of this entry »

Moms: Is It Still Important to be Attractive?

Once upon a time, hot single chicks stopped being hot when they decide to marry, have kids and live with the hope of having a happily ever after family life. These new moms stopped worrying about their appearance and became less prettier than they were single. That was also something I observed when showbiz moms traded their two-piece bikinis for a more conservative outfit. Most showbiz moms are away from the public eye when they get pregnant. That was once the impression that I had on mothers when I was a little girl.

Am I Cursed: The Future Without a Lover

This is one thought that comes up to me once in a while. I know this is crazy, but I always ask myself if I am indeed cursed: will I be spending the future without someone special? My kid does not want me to have any boyfriend – she seemed that she wants to have all the attention from me. I tried dating some guys before and my kid doesn’t approve any of them. It’s not like those kids in TV or movies where their single parents dated someone and they get to approve or disapprove them. My kid simplyRead the rest of this entry »