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Am I Cursed: The Future Without a Lover

This is one thought that comes up to me once in a while. I know this is crazy, but I always ask myself if I am indeed cursed: will I be spending the future without someone special? My kid does not want me to have any boyfriend – she seemed that she wants to have all the attention from me. I tried dating some guys before and my kid doesn’t approve any of them. It’s not like those kids in TV or movies where their single parents dated someone and they get to approve or disapprove them. My kid simplyRead the rest of this entry »

Beaute de Maman: Make Pregnant Moms Look Great

I was able to visit Beaute de Maman site today where their products are widely used by several Hollywood actresses and wives of famous Hollywood actors. I think it is a great shopping site for products that are exclusively made for women who still want to look and feel great during and after their pregnancy. Beaute de Maman provides products that are “safe and effective remedies for the common problems women face in pregnancy”. The site only offers four products: stretch mark cream, nipple gel, face and body cream and facial scrub. The stretch mark cream is for preventing thoseRead the rest of this entry »

My Daily Life as a Single Parent

Somebody thought that I am quite a superwoman. How could I manage to update 3 blogs, drop 600 ECs to promote two of my blogs then accept some freelance jobs? Do I still have that precious time for my kid? I had already established a routine for each day. First, I start off by checking my email. I want to see opportunities lined up for the day. Then I’m off to make a list of things to do. I start working for the day which includes writing some new blog posts. Then I promote my blogs by dropping some ECsRead the rest of this entry »