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Guidelines on getting your comments published on this blog

I like having relevant comments, because it gives a good impression on the commenter as well as appreciate my effort on publishing a blog post. I don’t expect everyone to agree with what I had written. However, offensive comments are unwelcome and will be deleted.

  • no link exchange: Like I stressed above, I like to keep relevant comments. The comments are not for link exchange requests.
  • tagging is okay.. but: Don’t obligate me to tag others anymore, even if we are blogger friends. If you still want to tag me, thank you in advance.
  • no self-promotion: In the blogging community, any comment left on one’s blog is understood to be an invitation to reciprocate the visit to your blog. However, please don’t always expect me to make a return visit.
  • no signature links: The name, email and website are simply enough for your little blog promotion. Any signature links that you add with your comment content will be taken away.
  • your reply to my comment on your blog: Believe me, I have ways to keep track of comments, so you just need to reply to your own post comments. Please don’t write your reply on my comments.

I have a contact form – don’t use the comments to contact me!

All the comments that you leave are still subject to review anytime even if these are published.

These guidelines generally apply to other blogs that you visit and comment as well.