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Tips for Overcoming Driving Fears (for the Ladies)

I’ve met a lot of women who even paid driving schools just to learn the basics of driving. After 10 hours or so and even finally getting their driver’s license, they still haven’t overcome the fear of driving alone. I’ve heard a lot of reasons – from the honest admission that I have forgotten, to the (obviously masked) reasons that they have other family members who are willing to drive them around.

I like driving. Being behind the wheel makes me so liberated. I do not have to fall in line just to have a taxi at the mall. My driving knowledge too, was the most useful when I have to rush my dad to the nearest hospital because of stroke.

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Junk Foods to Avoid – for a Healthier You

Writing this post made me realize that I had taken lots of steps already in eliminating a lot of those junk foods in my daily diet. I still have to work out more though, as I still haven’t seen my weight reduce to that of my ideal one. However, feeling a bit more lively and a lot less sleepy is at least a good start to my healthy ways.

I always had that weight issues. I used to have a good figure back at those first two years in college. Then those kilos came creeping up until I gave birth to my kid just after graduation. After breastfeeding I suddenly got a stunning figure – just a bit fatter than that body I had during those first two years in college. It wasn’t obvious that I had just given birth a year ago. Then I suddenly gained weight and I haven’t been able to keep that fat off up to now.

I’ve identified those foods that made me fat and unhealthy sooner or later:

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Can We Still Be Friends?

I’ve stumbled into this particular song today and I couldn’t stop listening to it. This song had been my all-time favorite.

Maybe posting this one here would help me stop raping the replay button on YouTube. LOL

I heard a lot of different other cover versions, but I still like the original one by Todd Rundgren.

Can We Still Be Friends
Todd Rundgren

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