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Why You Should Make a Bucket List

Hello again, it’s been a while again since my last post. You haven’t noticed, or did you?

This blog got hacked and housed some malware because I didn’t update this one. Even this writer got sick, and sick again and again, and is tired of getting sick and doesn’t want to get sick too often again.

I just added a new page on this blog. It’s my bucket list: things to do before I die. I have been thinking about doing one, and I finally did it today. I thought of updating that part just after fixing the “hacking problem” which had put this blog down for a while. I couldn’t think of any other good topic to start. It’s too late to write a year-end post or a list of New Year’s resolutions or 2012 goals anyway. I think a bucket list is more suitable.

Now back to the question, why did I make such a bucket list?

Catch a Falling Star

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Long Weekend Again – Enjoy but Watch Out!

Baguio isn’t such a sweet safe haven anymore.

Month ago, I lost my wallet to a pickpocket. I first realized that the wallet was missing after I had my bag checked by the guard at the main entrance of SM Baguio. I was with my kid.

I usually zip my bag closed. But that day, the bag’s zipper was slightly open.

The bag that I was using was a laptop bag that originally came along with the laptop purchase.

After the guard checked, I also double checked to see if my wallet is still in place. I checked again… and again… nothing… Read the rest of this entry »

A Kitten Found

Weeks ago, my father found something on our home’s terrace. I thought my dad was somehow suffering in pain, as he was shouting my name. When I reached him, I saw a seemingly dead animal beside him – perhaps a rat?

It turned out to be an abandoned little kitten just a few days old.

I carefully held that poor little thing with my hand to keep it warm.

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A Single Mom’s Advice

Sometimes I regret disclosing more personal things.. to the point that I get scary emails in my inbox every now and then.

I somehow found time to download and check all the emails that have accumulated in my inbox for months. There are those usual spam emails that advertise their web and SEO services, products of the “flesh”, as well as those “harmful” emails that try to trick me into providing my Paypal username and password. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Teach Kids About Money

A few years ago, I have opened up an ITF (in-trust-for) Fun Savers account at Metrobank for my kid. Like other parents that time, I thought that a kiddie bank account was nice to have and a pretty thoughtful cash allowance gift for my kid when she grows up and get to have her own bank account when she reaches her legal age.

I went with that parental hype!

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