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This poor blog was sick with the malware thingy. All because I’ve haven’t taken a visit to this blog for quite a long time!

If not for the malware that I found earlier (I’ve removed it and submitted to Google for reconsideration), most likely I would not be writing something today. It’ll just be another free time for me to take a quick visit and upgrade this WordPress core and plugins without writing anything.

image credit to LaMenta3

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De-stressing Myself at Bioessence

This is NOT a sponsored review: it’s just an honest review of my experience. I really wish I could have taken pictures of the place but I forgot to take my camera with me.

Again I had no blog updates. I guess you all have been thinking that I got into that busy mode again – and you’re right once more.

Last week was so stressful that I really pressured myself into working more than the full hours that was given to me. I really has pushed myself to the limit – taking less sleep, spending a lot of waking hours doing work, then sleep again, and then do a series of errands around town, then trying to work at one of those free wifi restaurants or coffee shops then back at home.

Of course, at the end of the week, stress hit me. I suddenly wanted to rest. Getting enough sleep wasn’t enough. I wanted more – probably a day out of town, or a vacation alone at the beach…

Luck had probably been on my side yesterday, when I complained to a friend that I badly wanted to unwind in town. Instead of the taking nightly gimmicks, my friend (who asked not to be named) handed me a gift certificate worth one Swedish massage at Bioessence in SM Baguio. That one massage was worth P600.


image credit to Grand Velas Resort

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New Hair by Going Straight Salon

Last December, I had to attend to a series of events such as that of our US Ambassador which required me to put up a good appearance. My hair was a mess and it really don’t look good. My hair strands was destroyed by a hair straightening treatment that I got from a cheap salon last year, so I let my hair rest from any treatment that entire period. Medusa would probably have a good laugh just looking at my hair.

Looking at myself in the mirror

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Lesson From the Homeless Man with the Golden Voice

This week I had been following the Ted Williams, the guy who was panhandling on the streets for almost a decade, to getting various job offers from big companies like Cleveland Cavaliers, NFL, MTV and MSNBC, up to tearfully meeting his mother. If you had not heard about him yet – his most valuable asset is his golden voice.

Some local reporter from The Columbus Dispatch took a video of him. Who would really have though that behind the unkempt hair, crooked teeth and dirty clothing is a voice that is perfect for the radio? Read the rest of this entry »

2011 Resolutions – My List

Happy New Year!

It was not so long ago since I celebrated the 2010 New Year. It felt like 2010 just passed by. I didn’t realize that I had grown a year old, and so is my kid.

A few hours ago I was watching the fireworks at the terrace of our home with my family, and even my neighbors.

New Year 2011

Image credit to Leland Francisco

I could only think of four things that I resolve to do this year:

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