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Holiday Garden Party at US Ambassador’s Summer Home

What a lovely way to begin a comeback post – or at least I’m half forced to. I coerced myself to write a post because I had a commitment to myself – return to blogging ASAP. So here I am, sooner than expected (and thanks to Jay for that).

Probably, this time my comeback post is a little unusual. It is about an event that I attended a week ago. I was a guest at Ambassador Harry K. Thomas’ Holiday Garden Party in his summer residence at the heart of Camp John Hay, Baguio City. As a mom who spends long hours doing work-at-home jobs, I didn’t expect to find myself stepping foot in his summer residence, where a very few people get inside of.

Inside the US Ambassador to the Philippines's residence

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How I Adapted a Frugal Lifestyle

Some people may have noticed my frugal attitude, or even quite my extreme frugal attitude at material things. True, I always try to keep an eye on opportunities such as Orbitz promotion codes to save more when purchasing online. Certainly, I think I had to blame my mom’s attitude on having this one.

My mom is a huge saver, not much of a spender. She admits she had this attitude way back when she was young. As a young student she used to keep money inside her notebook pages. My mom’s family used to live in the slums of Manila under a rooftop with holes.

living frugal lifestyle

image credit to voobie

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“Mama! There’s a Bird, in Our Room!”

One cold February night this year, while I was helping my kid study her lessons, we both heard loud flapping of wings. My kid looked around, got excited and suddenly shouted, “Mama! There’s a bird, in our room!”

I turned around to look at my room. My father was faster; he sprang up to his feet to look for the bird. He carefully caught the little animal using a small red bucket, and then he covered bucket with a piece of cardboard.

ibong pipit

ibong pipit in the bucket

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Working at Home, Missed the Corporate World

I had worked on various companies – both government and private through the years before i discovered the joys of working at home.

Working at home is probably the best job I had so far. I don’t have to worry about being late at work. I can decide to take leaves anytime. Most of all there is no boss to look over my shoulder on how I am doing.

However, there are some things that I miss doing when I was still employed. I always got those various perks that came with my job – such as leaves, various bonuses and even business insurance health that covered me during those holidays. There were always those fun and educational field trips, family days and Christmas parties which are always a welcome break to the stress of the corporate workplace. Of course, those outings that need us to travel miles away from our workplaces are always under group health insurance coverage.

I distinctly remember that time when my kid who was all too excited to be with me whenever my employers threw these kinds of activities. It was all too helpful for me to bond with my kid – especially during the time when I had to work someplace where I get to see my kid only once or twice each week!

Obviously, my employers had gotten the best business insurance quote that they could afford to get into before all of us get into a bus trip somewhere.

I miss these doing these fun activities with my former boss and coworkers, no matter how pleasant or irritating they could be.  To keep myself sane, I had to always find time to meet people in town, usually in coffee shops. These people are often as old classmates and establish online friends who happen to be in town. The internet had given me a virtual world with a bunch of virtual officemates and clients, but this is no match to having real live officemate breathing and laughing beside me – and if officemate is male, perhaps that friendship could turn to something that I don’t have for now – love!

These were activities are something I terribly miss – being that home worker dressed in my pajamas.

Growing Up: Kids, Crushes and Infatuation

Perhaps spending some time together each week really helped!

Actually I should have taken the hint last year that my kid had mentioned about a boy that she liked in class. I teased her a bit and asked about it, but she never admitted that she is interested. She doesn’t open up much and that behavior is something that I worry.

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